Paperless Loan Processing Software

Banking Document Management


Document-Driven Workflows You Can Rely On!

LoanWorks transforms and improves your Loan Processing workflow. Easy, fast, and smart document-driven workflows, that’s the DocStar promise.


Enhanced Loan Processing

  • Retrieve any loan document or package in seconds.
  • Pre-define loan package documentation requirements, approvers, and due dates.
  • Collaborate securely with office staff and remote workers.
  • Distribute loan packages quickly and easily.
  • Business analytics help identify efficiencies and growth trends.
  • Easily process Internal Controls reports with annotations and approvals.
  • Audit Trails provide vision into loan documentation history.
  • Scan, fax, email, and import loan documentation in one repository, using one application.

What Users Say

“File accessibility is so easy that employees never have to leave their desks. In addition, files are no longer misplaced or lost as they were when trying to deal with increased paper documentation.”
-Kevin Levent, CEO and President of Metro Brokers

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