Document Management for Human Resources Professionals

Your goal is to hire the best candidates to help your organization achieve its strategic goals. If you’re hindered by outdated technology, or worse—no technology—you’re struggling with not only finding the best people, but proving the value your department brings to the entire business.

More than 2,000 organizations in North America trust DocStar for Human Resources automation tools.

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You want to manage human resources, not documents

Human resources creates dozens of pieces of paper for every employee. From applications, background checks, insurance, employment, and benefits forms to post-separation forms, you generate and manage a lot of paper.

And all that paper takes a lot of your time to fill out, file, and find later.

DocStar ECM Document Management software for HR helps you do all of these things, simply, and easily—automatically! No more paper files, no more overstuffed filing cabinets, no more physically transferring files between departments or locations, no more missing documents, and no more painful audits.

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Securely manage employee records from the first day to the last—and beyond

DocStar solutions, implemented in the cloud or on premises, empower busy HR professionals to:

  • Quickly process new applicants and route documents to the appropriate managers with electronic forms—ensuring the best applicants get the attention they deserve
  • Easily onboard new employees with secure, built in workflows to make sure the right people have the right information at the right time—and identify anything that’s missing
  • Securely store and manage employee files with digital folders that ensure separation of key HR documents like I-9s, medical records and other employee documents and manuals, making stressful audits a thing of the past
  • Focus on issues around employee retention and satisfaction—not chasing down paper forms and files
  • Enhance your productivity with software solutions that make your job more efficient and fun

DocStar has the features HR needs, and more

DocStar solutions are easy to learn, easy to use, affordable software solution that helps you capture, share, and retain documents with a click of a mouse or tap of a touch screen.

  • Capture document from virtually any input device, from any location
  • User-defined security access with multiple security setup
  • Flexible on-premises or cloud deployment options offer better ROI
  • Search for documents in a single location with fast, Google-like search
  • Access DocStar ECM from within Microsoft Office programs for greater ease of use
  • Import documents from within their native program
  • Integrates with most HRIS software solutions
  • Digital workflows can be as basic or detailed as needed
  • Automated interviewing, onboarding, and separation workflows
  • Ensures compliance with legislative acts like HIPAA and ADA, and regulations like the Affordable Care Act
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Leaders at more than 2,000 organizations trust DocStar to deliver smart enterprise content management solutions

  • “DocStar ECM has been a game changer for our Human Resources Department—I couldn’t dream of going back to piles of paper. I highly recommend the solution to HR departments both large and small!”

    Kristin Young, Human Resources Manager, Lee-Smith, Inc.

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  • “With DocStar ECM, I can pull up anything the employee needs—say insurance or tax information and email it to them directly. This really helps me protect employee confidentiality and get them the information they need quickly. We also have situations where a previous employee needs information from their file. I can pull that up too, without the expense and liability of requesting a document offsite.”

    Cindy Upshaw, Human Resources Manager, Nazdar

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  • “We have very strict security restrictions. We tie security—who is able to see what in DocStar ECM—to an individual. So HR information, for instance, is only viewable by people who are authorized to see it. Our CRM knows the security class and protects documents from unauthorized viewing.”

    Stephen Giangiordano, Supervisor of Accounting Service, Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc.

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  • “Nearly everyone needs to be able to access various documents, and thanks to DocStar ECM, they can now do that very easily. There’s never a worry about the document being missing or misfiled, and information is as close as a couple of mouse clicks.”

    Cheryl Hair, Senior VP Operations & CFO, United Way of Greater Knoxville

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