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Green Document Management

In today’s economic climate, it is no longer viable for a company to rely on altruistic posturing for environmental sensitivity alone. Instead, the move to “green” must show tangible, bottom-line benefits in order to gain the attention of procurement decision makers.

While there are significant market motivations for being environmentally sensitive, you should also be able to demonstrate measurable sales and operational benefits.

The Impact of PaperEco Icon

The impact of hardcopy usage on the environment is generally considered to be significant, but few truly understand the magnitude. Hardcopies have a substantial impact on the environment:

  • An estimate 55-100 million trees were consumed in 2014 for the 20,7000,000 pounds of paper used on hardcopy devices.
  • Between 2,000 and 10,000 gallons of water are used to produce 1 ton of paper, depending on the size and type of paper.
  • Although paper use is declining slightly, the number of pages produced by hardcopy equipment is still substantial.
  • Substantial natural resources (e.g., wood, water, oil) are used to produce hardcopy aftermarket products such as ink and toner.

Solving the Problem

Document management solutions like DocStar are able to substantially reduce the impact of paper while simultaneously increasing organizational efficiency and providing significant ROI.

An analysis of the “green” impact of companies deploying a document management solution shows that the typical company implementing document management with 3,000 users will achieve the following results:

  • Reduce the number of pages printed per year by 1,805,640 pages
  • Reduce the purchase of ink and toner cartridges by $96,911 annually
  • Reduce energy consumption by 1,528 kilowatts annually
  • Reduce carbon emissions by 703 metric tons per year
  • Be the equivalent of removing 96 cars from the road for one year
  • Save 27 trees each year
  • An annual reduction of 58,880 pages (or approximately 188 reams of paper) per 100 users
  • An annual cost reduction of toner/ink costs of $3,230 per 100 users
  • A reduced energy cost of $5,600 per 100 users