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Insurance Document Management Software for iPipeline

DocStar is a Proud iGO to Italy Trip Sponsor of Connections 2013!

Visit us at our booth for product demonstrations and giveaways.

Breakout Session: Improving Productivity and Responsiveness by Going Paperless with DocStar® and Agency Integrator

Guest Speaker: Greg Cooke, Vice President, DocStar

Offered Thursday at 1:00 P.M. (Copperleaf 1) and Friday at 11:10 A.M. (Ironwood 3)

Having the right tools and resources in place can maximize output and improve responsiveness that allows your business to work easier, faster and smarter. In this session see the DocStar® industry leading document management solution seamlessly integrated with iPipeline’s iGO e-App® and Agency Integrator.

Session available to all distributor attendees and all carrier—brokerage and career/captive—attendees.

Panasonic document scanner

Special thanks to Panasonic for supporting this event.

We will be holding a drawing to give away a high-speed Panasonic document scanner.
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The Productivity Solution That Drives Your Agency

DocStar integrates with iPipeline’s suite of products including Agency Integrator and iGo!

Electronically organize and securely submit applications and forms to carriers. Integrated retrieval makes relevant DocStar documents available instantly, with a single click, from within the applications that you use on a daily basis. DocStar will allow your business to work easier, faster, and smarter. Get connected today!

Pricing: DocStar is available at a fraction of the cost of PaperClip with an extensive list of enhanced features to help manage your business.

No other document management system gives you the power of DocStar to cut your costs, improve your responsiveness and dramatically enhance your productivity. Access to documents, compliance, security, and dealing with mountains of paper challenge virtually every business. DocStar provides the tools to securely store documents for easy retrieval whether they are in paper format or electronic, drastically reducing storage costs and time-consuming searching for lost or misplaced documents.

With DocStar, agencies can seamlessly integrate DocStar with iPipeline’s suite of products allowing them to scan, store, and securely submit applications and other documents to Carriers. This unique offering is unlike any competitor’s product and can save thousands!

Insurance Document Management Benefits

  • DocStar partners with leading agency management systems to provide seamless integration
  • Easy to use and implement; easy to customize workflows to fit your operation
  • Retrieve documents by keyword – it’s like having Google for your files!
  • Print, Fax, or Email any document
  • Maintain audit trails and guarantee legal compliance
  • Enhance Best Practices for consistent handling of documents