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Customer Success Stories
Gem Young Insurance

Customer Profile
Gem Young Insurance is a family-owned business that began nearly 60 years ago serving the insurance needs of Ohio.

Gem Young uses DocStar document management in conjunction with Applied Systems TAM (The Agency Manager) software to manage their business. DocStar document management is integrated with TAM to provide a seamless flow of information on clients. They employ “back-end scanning” where paper documents are processed by CSRs (customer service representatives) first and then scanned and filed with automated backup for security. AuthentiDate is used to guarantee the authenticity of scanned documents.

The Problem
“We have almost 6,000 personal lines accounts and the paperwork that goes along with this many clients has been enormous,” said Leo Daprile, President of Gem Young Insurance. “We wanted a way to make the necessary information readily available at each workstation to all staff members on every client.

“We strive to service every client on the first phone call – that’s our service standard,” Daprile said. “It’s difficult to do if all of the necessary information isn’t located in one database or in a database that appears seamless to the service personnel.

The Solution and The Benefits
A simple mouse click from a number of TAM screens allows the DocStar Integration Agent to retrieve a list of documents by client code or policy. “The acceptance of the DocStar system has been much easier because there isn’t a new software package to learn,” Daprile said. “DocStar feels like a natural extension of TAM.”

“With all of the information available at each desktop, it’s much easier for our service personnel to have a full picture of our clients and their activity, which makes it easier for service personnel to pick up where another left off,” Daprile said. “The DocStar system enables our key service personnel to do what they do best, service the client. There is considerably less time being spent finding documents, and this saves us money.”

Gem Young started using DocStar document management with “back-end scanning.” They are in the process now of revising their workflows so that they can move to “front-end scanning,” where paper documents will no longer routed to individual CSRs before scanning. Instead, documents will be scanned first, and then routed electronically for processing and filing.

“I’m very excited to see the impact once we get the ‘front-end scanning’ implemented,” Daprile said. “We have two branch offices that we will begin scanning all of their pertinent paper files in the first quarter of next year. This will give us one consistent database and allow for greater workflow standardization through the whole company.”

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