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Customer Success Stories
Medical Management Professionals

Founded in 1993, Medical Management Professionals, Inc. (MMP) is a leading provider of business management services to hospital-based physicians and other medical practices. The company specializes in serving anesthesia, radiology, and pathology groups, and with operations in more than 15 states, is capable of delivering services nationwide. MMP’s corporate philosophy is to form close strategic partnerships with its clients through which the company becomes a virtual extension of their practices. Their flexible solutions range from billing and financial management to administrative and strategic management services.

To speed information access, increase employee productivity and improve operational efficiency, the managers of five MMP offices in Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee installed DocStar Series 3 Departmental Edition imaging systems. Each system is connected to the office network, enabling workers to use DocStar View software to retrieve, view and print documents from their desktop computers.

The Problem
Many MMP offices recognized that their ability to optimize speed, productivity and efficiency in managing a huge volume of transaction documents, such as invoices, bills and contracts, was critical to forging strong, lasting client relationships. Yet the firm’s prevailing paper-based filing processes made it difficult to locate important information and quickly respond to client inquiries and requests. In some cases, it would take staff days to find specific documents. As a result, clients would wait for important information and often receive follow-up calls from MMP reps seeking more detail to locate necessary documents. This challenge was a major barrier to high customer satisfaction, a primary business objective, and consumed significant staff resources and office space.

The Solution
MMP locations in five cities now use DocStar products to electronically store and manage their huge volume of documents, such as bills, financial statements, contracts and other information. As a result, client service reps that once spent days locating paper documents now retrieve this information electronically in seconds. And by scanning roughly 4,000 pages daily, each facility has eliminated massive amounts of paper in its operation and redeployed office space that once housed file cabinets.

The Benefits
Since installing DocStar, the five MMP locations have recognized a very significant ROI. The imaging solution allowed each office to dramatically improve client service and satisfaction by cutting response time to inquiries and requests. Overall, MMP maintains some of the highest retention rates in its industry.

Since each location must access roughly 20 to 40 documents each day, DocStar helped each site increase employee productivity by saving many hours of time previously consumed by tedious paper-based processes-freeing up staff to focus on core, value-adding activities such as serving clients.

Paper file cabinets were virtually eliminated in each location and office space was reallocated to new client service personnel supporting rapid business growth. The system has enabled each operation to minimize investment in new real estate, helping them expand more profitably.

DocStar is also a key component of new work processes being implemented by MMP to comply with strict HIPAA information privacy requirements. The system’s robust security and audit trail capabilities are helping the firm’s managers develop cost-effective approaches to meeting these requirements with minimal disruption to operations.

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