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Customer Success Stories
New York Credit Union

Our customer was a relatively small credit union formed for the teachers and employees of the State University of New York. Their volume of new documents was roughly 70-90 multiple page documents a day.

The credit union purchased DocStar ECM with a second optical drive to perform disk backups. They are using DocStar to copy, store and retrieve documents accrued on a daily basis such as cash receipts, vouchers, register receipts, journals, deposit records and loan documents.

The Problem
Before DocStar ECM, the credit union used traditional filing methods to store their hard copy documents, which ranged in size from 3″x 5″ to 8 1/2″x 11″. Each day the documents were gathered, paper clipped together, then filed, while small slips and receipts were placed in envelopes for safekeeping. The files had to be kept for a federally mandated period of seven years, taking up an enormous amount of valuable office space.

The credit union was faced with two options: to relocate their offices to accommodate their storage needs, or find a space-saving document management system. After analyzing their options, they decided that relocation would prove far more costly than purchasing a document management system.

The Solution
With DocStar ECM, the credit union is now effortlessly scanning and storing documents, and no longer needs to place smaller papers into envelopes and then into the appropriate files. They are also saving substantial amounts of storage space and employee time previously spent storing and searching for paper files.

Credit union staff can now retrieve documents within seconds, and backup disks ensure that important files cannot be lost or damaged. DocStar also eliminated the need to relocate the credit union offices and the potential confusion and downtime associated with relocation of an office.

Two tellers and an administrative manager have walk-up access to DocStar ECM, while a volunteer was added to the staff to implement the backfile conversion, which was estimated at 176,000-220,000 documents. Once the conversion was completed, all hard copy clutter was eliminated, and previous file space was used for other purposes.

Although a six-hour period was allotted for installing DocStar ECM, it was all completed in a mere three hours. The initial training period for two tellers and an administrative manager took less than two hours.

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