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Customer Success Stories
Oskar Blues Brewery Success Story

Image result for oskar blues breweryOskar Blues Brewery Gained Efficiency and Reduced Costs with DocStar ECM AP Automation

With over 275 employees in three locations, Oskar Blues Brewery is the largest craft brewery in the US that only packages in cans and kegs – not bottles – citing freshness, portability and sustainability for their attachment to aluminum. This commitment to quality and efficiency led them on the path to selecting DocStar ECM Enterprise Content Management and AP Automation to save time and money by improving their business processes.

Oskar Blues implemented DocStar ECM AP Automation with OrchestratedBEER Brewery Management software which allows for one-click retrieval of invoices and related documents. The solution provides intelligent data capture with 2-way matching for invoices and supporting documents.

DocStar ECM AP Automation automated workflow engine drives two integral processes for the Accounts Payable and Shipping departments, improving efficiency across the organization.

With DocStar AP Automation, breweries gain efficiencies through:

  • Automatic data import of invoice information – no manual data entry required
  • Real-time visibility into outstanding invoices & status of invoice payment process
  • Integration with OrchestratedBeer to eliminate errors and stare and compare matching
  • Reduced late payments and more early payment discounts
  • Streamlined approval process – even for remote approvers

In addition to process improvements, DocStar ECM ReportWorks enables the senior management team to view holistic metrics in real time. These interactive dashboards help to identify bottlenecks and monitor system-wide activities.

Since implementing DocStar DocStar ECM, Oskar has experienced tremendous growth in sales and personnel. They acquired two additional companies and unified the main office operations by replicating the document management processes.

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orchestratedbeer ap automation success story