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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Integrate, Capture, Route, Approve

  Help dramatically reduce cost-per-invoice processing
  Help reduce or eliminate late payments
  Invoice approval anytime, anywhere
  Improve vendor setup and management
Enhance visibility and control of the AP process
 Focus your team on higher value goals

How much time is spent tracking down invoices, purchase orders, and getting approvals to pay? With DocStar AP Automation for Dynamics 365 Business Central, your Accounts Payable team can quickly reduce unnecessary time and tasks associated with invoice processing. Empower your team to focus on higher-value goals by reducing the procure-to-pay processing time with AP Automation for Business Central.

Two and Three-Way Match

AP Automation captures and automatically processes your AP invoices from multiple inbound sources, including existing document scanners or multifunction copiers. Invoices are automatically routed for two-way and three-way matching workflows and approvals.

Streamline AP Invoice Review

Easily receive and route invoices for approval by managers. Built-in alerts or email notifications combined with one-click approval stamps streamline the entire process. DocStar workflows are available for both PO based invoices and Non-PO based invoices.

PO Based DocStar Microsoft BC Workflow

PO Based workflows allow for the automatic capture of invoice data, duplicate invoice checking, vendor validation, 2 or 3-way matching in Dynamics 365 BC validating header and footer details or even line detail. Once the invoice passes data verification it can route through a customized approval process based on your needs.

Non-PO Based DocStar Microsoft BC Workflow

Non-PO Based workflows allow for the automatic capture of invoice data, vendor validation, duplicate invoice checking. Once the invoice passes data verification it can route through a customized approval process based on your needs.

Intelligent Data Capture (IDC)

Using artificial intelligence, including patented unassisted and assisted machine learning algorithms, Epicor IDC helps reduce the manual identification and sorting of incoming documents and the manual data entry of key data elements from those documents.

  • Capture documents from virtually any input device in any location and store them in a central location
  • Easily import/save documents from applications and file systems
  • Automated indexing—advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), barcodes, Regex pattern matching, formatting
  • Embedded browser-based scanning

Advanced Workflow

At its core, AP Automation benefits from one of the most powerful workflow engines available, balanced with an easy-to-use graphical workflow designer. Yet all this technology results in a highly intuitive solution for your team. We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to.

  • Automatically perform two- or three-way matching
  • Easily approve AP Invoices anytime, anywhere
  • Integrate with your Dynamics BC system

Help Ensure Compliance

Let DocStar help ease the burden of regulatory compliance and retention requirements. Consistent and secure, DocStar helps ensure that your organization is following the recommended procedures you’ve established.

  • Help ensure records retention compliance
  • Monitor document access and activity with audit trails Help guarantee file integrity with DocStar authentication, which time and date stamps every image
  • Electronic document storage helps ensure safety and security of all files in the event of a disaster
  • Gain greater business insight with full reporting tools

Help Vendor Relations Improve

Respond to vendor inquiries instantly rather than wasting time looking through file cabinets. Vendor relations will improve, and staff will be able to focus on more important tasks.

  • Instantly find any invoice and its supporting documentation
  • Quickly email documents to vendors while still on the phone
  • Save on costs associated with paper access and distribution