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DocStar ECM HR Automation

DocStar ECM HR Automation


  • Streamline document processes and reduce errors
  • Simplify and reduce the costs of compliance
  • Control access to files anytime, anywhere
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Improve support for employees and management
  • Instantly locate documents without leaving your desk
  • Move from cumbersome paper to digital documents
  • Reduce demand for physical space

Enterprise content management for highly efficient processes and improved HR results

DocStar ECM HR Automation securely scans and stores your employee files, along with critical electronic files, allowing for quick and easy document retrieval without ever leaving your desk.

Reduce compliance worries

With DocStar ECM HR Automation documents such as employee files, employee medical files, and I-9 documents can be stored in individual folders to ensure separation of key HR files.

With DocStar ECM HR Automation:

  • Reduce the storage burden of complying with record-keeping retention regulations set forth by FLSA, Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, ADA & ADEA, and FMLA
  • Provide security features to protect employee privacy and comply with HIPAA
  • Guarantee file integrity with DocStar Authentication, which time and date stamps every image
  • Secure documents automatically
  • Monitor document access and retrieval with Audit Trail
  • Access documents from any device and any location 24/7

Reduce legal activity anxiety

  • Respond quickly and accurately to requests from Federal or State Departments of Labor
  • E-mail documents to attorneys, including entire employee files, while still on the phone
  • Never lose or misplace documents again—even odd sized documents such as doctors’ notes
  • Files are in a time-stamped order, facilitating ease-of-viewing timeline associated with a particular case

Increase operational effectiveness

  • Safely store applications, resumes, payroll data, insurance data, employee records, and electronic files in DocStar ECM—ensuring the safety and security of any file in the event of a disaster
  • Authorized users can access information from any location instantly—whether at their headquarters or regional office—resulting in no more file sharing or shipping of files
  • Reduce time performing routine functions such as changing name and address data and filing and retrieving employee records
  • Reduce storage costs and virtually eliminate any document loss by providing a central repository for all records
  • Automated workflows move documents to the right person at the right time for faster processing
  • Improve Interoffice Communication
  • Quickly answer questions from employees, management, and associates. The time previously required to research, return calls, and e-mail answers to inquiries is now virtually eliminated.

Improve filing efficiency

DocStar ECM HR Automation converts paper documents into digital files and saves them into the safe and secure DocStar system. Use your existing scanner to scan directly into DocStar or import electronic documents automatically.

Improve response time

DocStar ECM HR Automation allows only authorized users to quickly retrieve secure documents from any location and e-mail to attorneys or other appropriate parties.

Easy viewing and customization

DocStar ECM HR Automation can be customized based on your requirements. All documents appear in a familiar and intuitive interface for easy viewing and authorized users can easily customize forms on the fly.


Download the DocStar ECM HR Automation fact sheet.