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DocStar ECM PackageWorks

DocStar ECM PackageWorks


  • Eliminate tedious manual processes
  • Support compliance initiatives
  • Increase efficiency with automated e-mail alerts
  • Improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Streamline approval processes
  • Reduce errors

DocStar ECM PackageWorks delivers streamlined, intelligent package-based workflows designed to dramatically increase productivity and ensure that document packages are consistent and complete.

Today’s organizations are creating document packages every day—like HR packages for employees, student records, closing documents for real estate, and packages required for legal or accounting clients. These packages need to be complete, accurate, and delivered on time.

DocStar ECM PackageWorks allows you to define collections of document types and indicate whether they are required or optional. In addition, setting document-and package-level due dates helps enable timely and thorough completion of workflows that require collections of documents.

After all required documents have been gathered and the package workflow is complete, distributing these packages or subsets of these packages is easy with the built-in submissions capability. Once you define the package submission type, DocStar ECM PackageWorks will collect the designated documents in the requested order and create a submission package to be e-mailed to a recipient.

Integration with DocStar ECM Forms and DocStar ECM Workflow further enhances the solution by electronically capturing documents at the beginning of the process and applying individual document workflow routing and approvals as needed, while still enforcing package-level requirements.

Organizational Benefits

DocStar ECM PackageWorks helps streamline the task of collecting and managing key documents as part of the case management process. Your organization benefits from a faster, easier, and more accessible document collection and management process through features designed to deliver:

  • Cost and time savings—eliminate costly and time-consuming document gathering and compliance guesswork
  • Better client relations—process cases faster to improve client responsiveness
  • Enhanced visibility and control—gain centralized document and status information and audit trails with quick, easy access

Key features

DocStar Forms and DocStar Workflow integration

Document package/slot definition (document requirements, document and package approval requirements, status, due dates, and more)

Submission type definition (composition and sequence)

Work smarter DocStar ECM PackageWorks allows your important business documents to be routed electronically, enabling users to process work more efficiently, faster, and more accurately. DocStar PackageWorks builds a document checklist designed to gather and track a set of documents necessary to complete a business workflow.

With DocStar ECM PackageWorks:

  • Create unlimited sets of document package requirements that predefine and guide the collection and completion of document workflows
  • Use built-in alerts and approval capabilities to create and maintain consistent processes
  • Direct items to the right users, to allow for timely action and eliminating confusion
  • Streamline case/transaction management to accomplish more business, more accurately

Reduce tedious steps

Automate time-consuming and error-prone manual processes to increase productivity and operational efficiency, delivering a significant increase in workplace productivity.

  • Streamline people-based activities and track progress
  • Standardize manual processes, such as the distribution of inter-office mail

Managed workflows

With DocStar ECM PackageWorks, you will know how processes are performing. Managers can identify any lags and workflow bottlenecks that occur to redistribute workloads to other users before problems escalate.

  • Easily maintain performance comparisons
  • Track document-related activity to improve quality and user productivity
  • Gain accurate and timely system feedback for reallocating staffing resources
  • Find the status of any document package instantly

Higher productivity— higher profits

You can better manage the routine work processes with DocStar PackageWorks to achieve a competitive edge.

  • Reduce time and costs by dramatically speeding up processes—avoid “dead time” between process steps
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Improve customer service effectiveness
  • Make more-informed decisions

Meet compliance goals

Regulatory mandates and reporting requirements from Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and others have strict rules on how companies process, track, disclose, and distribute information. DocStar ECM with DocStar ECM PackageWorks helps to enforce accountability and support compliance by standardizing and tracking business processes. You will know who completed tasks, when, and where.

  • Demonstrate compliance via a DocStar PackageWorks audit trail
  • Set and enforce security levels to maintain proper access and support compliance

Download the DocStar ECM PackageWorks fact sheet.