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DocStar PO Acknowledgement for Prophet 21

Automate Your Vendor Purchase Order (PO) Acknowledgement Process

Maintain Visibility and Minimize Risk, Intelligent Data Capture, Advanced Workflow, Ensure Compliance

Bring order to the chaos with the PO Acknowledgement solution add-on to DocStar, an Epicor solution, combined with Epicor Intelligent Data Capture (IDC). It starts with input into the DocStar document repository from fax, email, scanner, or file drop. IDC reads the PO Acknowledgement document and matches document elements to indexable fields, such as PO number, vendor ID, item ID, quantity, price, to name a few. For those hand-written acknowledgements, the user has the option of indexing those scans manually. DocStar then auto-matches these fields to the Prophet 21 PO header and detail lines, marks, and dates each PO record “Acknowledged,” and stores the document in the DocStar repository so that it is easy to find later. Any exceptions in the matching process are sent to a human to resolve and then complete the acknowledgement process.

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  • Gathers all associated PO Acknowledgement documents into a central, paperless, and secure repository accessible by workers, on-site or remote
  • Enables quicker visibility into your vendor’s intent to fulfill an order, giving you the chance to find another vendor in the time needed
  • Identifies order discrepancies earlier in the process, before you reach the AP invoicing step
  • Contributes to increased digitization of the procure-to-pay automated process, especially when combined with these DocStar modules: AP Automation and Intelligent Data Capture (IDC)
  • Web browser-based user interface means no client software to maintain

Key Features

An easy user interface providing access to business intelligence. Quick access to a handful of standard reports.

  • Flexible deployment option—on-premises or in the cloud
  • Works with IDC (Intelligent Data Capture)
  • PO and PO acknowledgement documents are stored in DocStar repository

Intelligent Data Capture

Instantly recognize and extract key information from inbound vendor PO acknowledgements. Using industry-leading OCR technology, combined with highly sophisticated artificial intelligence, the DocStar PO Acknowledgement solution achieves the highest possible levels of automation accuracy.

Epicor Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) allows you to:

  • Automatically capture and process type-written PO acknowledgements
  • Improve accuracy with automated data matching
  • Speed PO acknowledgement match-to-PO processing time
  • Eliminate the typical document capture setup process by using machine learning algorithms

Advanced Workflow

At its core the DocStar PO Acknowledgement solution benefits from one of the most powerful workflow engines available, balanced with an easy to use graphical workflow designer. Yet all this technology results in a highly intuitive solution for your team. We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to.

  • Automatically perform matching between your PO and vendor’s PO acknowledgement
  • Send exceptions—missing PO, header-level or line-level mismatches—to a human to resolve and complete the acknowledgement workflow
  • If handwritten acknowledgements or other unstructured documents are received, scan and manually index them into the system

Help ensure Compliance

Let DocStar help ease the burden of regulatory compliance and retention requirements. Consistent and secure, DocStar combined with the PO Acknowledgement solution helps ensure that your organization is following the recommended procedures you’ve established for document attachments stored in the DocStar repository and linked to your PO records.

  • View all associated PO documents—acknowledgements and printed POs
  • Help ensure records retention compliance
  • Monitor document access and activity with audit trails
  • Guarantee file integrity with DocStar ValiDate authentication
  • Keep your documents safe and secure in the event of a disaster with electronic document storage
  • Gain greater business insight with full reporting tools

Download the DocStar PO Acknowledgement Fact Sheet