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Sales Order Automation for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Capture, Validate, Process, Requirements

Microsoft® Dynamics GP®

DocStar with Sales Order Automation offers accelerated time-to-value, reducing errors, lowering costs, and improving operational visibility.

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  • Help reduce overall costs
  • Improve transaction efficiency
  • Achieve measurable efficiencies
  • Enhance accountability
  • Accelerate business processes
  • Improve fulfillment speed
  • Eliminate transposition errors
  • Avoid losing or misplacing orders


DocStar SOA software uses Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) to automatically capture and extract sales order data such as customer, order date, and line items ordered. DocStar SOA software accepts and indexes sales orders, then moves the data on to the next step.


DocStar SOA software integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP for data lookup; confirms customer information, purchase orders, quotes, and validation such as credit check and part number verification; and detects missing, incomplete, or incorrect data. SOA lets you identify exceptions and automatically route them to the person tasked with resolving the issue.


If all the conditions are met and there are no exceptions, the order is sent straight to Auto Allocation and fulfillment. For those orders with no exceptions, this is an easy way to accept, review, and initiate the orders—as quickly and efficiently as possible, but also with added human intervention as needed to facilitate and eventually finalize the sales cycle. Helping ensure that the sales order information data is accurately entered into your system has traditionally been time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to error. Automating this process with SOA helps ensure accurate data is automatically entered into your system’s process—improving transaction efficiency and reducing fulfillment time. In other words, it can save you time and money. SOA accepts, reviews, and initiates customer orders more quickly—verifying POs, quotes, and parts availability to speed up the fulfillment process
and help improve customer service.


SOA for Microsoft Dynamics GP is an add-on module to DocStar that requires:

  • DocStar version 19.0 or higher
  • Epicor IDC for SOA
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP version 2013 R2 or higher

Download the DocStar Sales Order Automation for Microsoft Dynamics GP Fact Sheet