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DocStar Training Center

Thank you for your interest in the DocStar online training program. We are excited that you’ve chosen DocStar for your enterprise content management needs. Below are some of our resources that can help you as you begin your journey with DocStar.

DocStar Help Site

DocStar Help Site is a Wiki-style help page. When you first arrive at this site, you will see a list of topics in the left-side menu. You can go through these topics in the order that they are presented, or you can skip around, moving to the topics that interest you most. There is even a search box in the upper right where you can enter a specific topic you want to know about. We also have an extensive list of archived recorded training sessions for on-demand viewing.

Guided Learning in DocStar ECM

Get direct, in-product help that actively accounts for where you are in the product. We’re also offering videos and articles, so no matter which way you want help, it’s right here in DocStar ECM at your fingertips. Watch the video to learn more about guided learning.


If you would like to request a live training session or have any other questions, please email DocStar Training.