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DocStar Stands Tall in the 2023 Nucleus Research Value Matrix 🎉: Here’s Why (with Case Study)

Well, here’s some news worth discussing–Epicor ECM (DocStar) has landed a top spot again in the 2023 Nucleus Research Value Matrix. And why should you care? Because we’re changing the game when it comes to document management and process workflow automation, just when we need it most.

With so many of us shifting towards remote or hybrid work, the call for a reliable, centralized hub that keeps us productive and safe from security risks is louder than ever. We’re all going digital and need systems that make our work easier and more efficient. And that’s precisely what DocStar brings to the table.

So, the bottom line? DocStar’s recognition as a Leader isn’t just an impressive title. It shows our commitment to innovative solutions and strategic partnerships, making us a trustworthy choice in a rapidly evolving digital environment.

Breaking Down DocStar’s Leadership: Innovations That Make a Difference

The recognition of DocStar as a Leader in the 2023 Nucleus Research Value Matrix is due to the extensive array of features and benefits the platform provides. Here’s a quick look at why we’ve earned the title.

At the heart of DocStar is its robust document management capability, which is expertly designed to automate processes in crucial areas such as sales orders and accounts payable. By eradicating manual, repetitive tasks and potential associated errors, we enable businesses to focus on what truly matters: growth and innovation.

Our intelligent data capture, custom-built workflows, and electronic forms streamline operations while approval routing and information validation mechanisms enhance the accuracy and reliability of your business data.

One standout feature, Validate, generates an encrypted hashcode or a “digital fingerprint” for uploaded files, ensuring your documents are tamper-proof and authentic. This cutting-edge feature mitigates security risks associated with remote working, boosting confidence in the new world of work.

Our innovative PackageWorks module takes document management to another level by creating relationships between diverse content types. This facilitates comprehensive document packages for a myriad of use cases, from onboarding new hires to managing student records and finalizing real estate transactions.

Our commitment to growth and innovation shines through in our recent updates. With the launch of our enhanced mobile app experience, we’ve brought document capture, content field entry, and workflow tasks right to the user’s fingertips. The inclusion of the Simplified Chinese language expands our reach and enhances the user experience for our Chinese-speaking partners.

Moreover, we introduced Exago Cloud Reporting within Epicor ECM to aid customers in monitoring their document and workflow KPIs. Our latest 22.1 release includes runtime reports in Exago that cater to both cloud and on-premises deployments.

The 22.1 release also features the ability to ingest XML invoice documents into ECM, enabling seamless storage and processing of invoices through our ECM AP Automation workflows for matching and approvals.

Our Leader spot in the 2023 Nucleus Research Value Matrix reflects our dedication to our customers. We actively listen when they speak, demonstrated by our completion of their top 15 user requests. We’re not just a content services platform; we’re a trusted partner in your digital transformation journey.

But the power of DocStar lies not only in its standalone capabilities but also in its seamless integration with our ERP. This deep integration makes Epicor a holistic solution that resonates with businesses seeking centralized control over their operations.

DocStar in Action: A Transformational Case Study of Coast Counties Peterbilt

Company Overview

Established in 1949, Coast Counties Peterbilt holds the proud legacy of being the world’s oldest family-owned and operated Peterbilt dealership. With an impressive suite of comprehensive services such as truck and trailer sales, truck leasing and rentals, parts, services, and a versatile financing portfolio, Coast Counties currently operates with approximately 200 employees across seven locations in Northern and Central California.

The Challenge

n 2017, the company found itself at a crossroads when several long-serving accounts payable (AP) employees were on the verge of retirement. At the same time, the manual processing of around 2,500 invoices per month posed significant inefficiencies, distracting employees from higher-value tasks. These converging factors propelled the organization towards digitization, mandating an efficient solution to automate and streamline workflows.

The Solution: Epicor ECM (DocStar)

After a comprehensive evaluation, Coast Counties identifiedDocStar as the optimal solution, mainly due to its seamless integration with their existing Karmak Fusion ERP solution, specially designed for the commercial transportation industry.

The implementation was broken into two phases: the first included a one-way integration with Karmak and took approximately six months, encompassing meetings, data migration, and ERP integration. The organization then took a two-year pause due to limited bandwidth, but upon resumption, completed the two-way integration between DocStar and Karmak.

With DocStar in place, the company could now store every AP vendor invoice, support document, email, and note for each transaction in a single platform. The integration with Karmak led to structured and ad-hoc workflows with multi-level approval processes, improving visibility and streamlining the user experience.

Impressive Outcomes

By leveraging DocStar, Coast Counties attained an astonishing 193% ROI and recovered their initial technology investment within less than a year after deployment. The results speak for themselves:
  • Increased Processing Productivity: A reduction of 90% in file retrieval and data entry time was achieved. The company was able to slash the time spent on copying, faxing, and emailing invoices by 80%. Furthermore, they experienced an increase in invoice volume by more than 75%, all without additional hiring.
  • Avoided Administrative Headcount: The implementation facilitated the opening of two new locations without the need to hire administrative positions. Plus, an existing administrative role in a large location was also eliminated.
  • Reduced Paper Usage: Coast Counties dramatically reduced their paper usage, saving over 80,000 pieces annually.
  • Increased Visibility: The integrated system improved search capabilities and centralized AP processes. Managers who previously didn’t have access to expenses now had approval rights for incoming invoices.
  • Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

    Coast Counties’ experience showcases the transformative potential of DocStar. Through the digitization and automation of key business processes, they not only realized significant financial savings but also enhanced operational efficiency, setting the stage for their future growth. The company’s impressive Cost-Benefit Ratio of 1:4.8 is a testament to DocStar’s abilities, highlighting why we’re recognized as a Leader again in the 2023 Nucleus Research Value Matrix.

    Embracing the Future with DocStar

    Our recognition in the 2023 Nucleus Research Value Matrix, combined with the impressive results seen at Coast Counties, reinforces our positioning as a leader in document management and process workflow automation. It’s not just about streamlining operations and driving efficiency but empowering businesses with the tools they need for digital transformation.

    The DocStar solution doesn’t just cater to your current needs but equips you for the future. If your business is at a crossroads and you’re considering stepping up your digital transformation journey, reaching out to DocStar could be your next game-changing move.

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