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DocStar ECM FAQs

DocStar ECM was designed to be super simple to implement, use and maintain. But sometimes, you have questions. And we have answers!

Have questions that aren’t answered here? Contact our Sales department if you’re not a current customer. If you are a current DocStar customer, visit our support page.

What are the minimum server requirements for a DocStar ECM on-premises (private cloud) installation?

Download DocStar ECM on-premises server requirements.

What scanner drivers are supported in DocStar ECM?

DocStar ECM supports ISIS scanner drivers for direct scanning. In addition, any scanner, MFP, or other capture device may be used as long as content can be captured and placed on a designated network “hot” folder.

What is required of an MFP to be ready to use with DocStar ECM? Does the machine where the MFP is writing to a folder need to have internet access?

Your Multi-Function Printer simply needs the ability to scan to a network folder. Any DocStar ECM client station can be configured to monitor the network ‘hot folder’ and automatically import documents that are sent there. The Multi-Function Printer does not need Internet access but it does need network access to achieve the above scanning model.

Do I need an additional scanning license for users that need to scan?

No. Web scanning is included in every user license.

Can I mix Named and Concurrent User licenses on the same hosted site?

Yes. Named and Concurrent licenses can be configured and administered on the same site.

Is there a minimum number of DocStar ECM users per site?

No. You can get started with DocStar ECM with just one user license.

If I purchase five named, and five concurrent user subscriptions, what happens if seven “non-named” users want to access the system?

A named license is reserved for the named user that it is designated in the Administration panel. The first five users would be able to connect and the sixth and seventh users would have access based on concurrency access of other users at that time. The license is designed this way to prevent the inability for a named user to gain access when they need it and prevent a poor user experience for a user if they were to be using the license and suddenly be notified that they no longer have access right in the middle of what they might be doing.

What is the difference between Basic Workflow and the Advanced Workflow module?

Basic workflow allows the creation of a single step workflow with multiple sequential actions. The Advanced Workflow module adds conditional branch logic and chaining of multiple workflows to allow complex automatic decision tree processing and routing.

Is the Workflow Designer included in both the Basic AND Advanced Workflow?

Yes, the workflow designer is included with both Basic and Advanced Workflow versions at no additional charge.

What devices are supported and what functionality is available?

DocStar ECM provides full browser functionality to all PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Are browser plugins required to use DocStar ECM?

No. Plugins are not required but are available for popular browsers to enhance the DocStar ECM experience and provided added functionality.