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Customer Success Stories
Cleveland Indians

Customer: Cleveland Indians

Industry: Professional Sports Franchise

Business Solution: DocStar ECM Enterprise Content Management

Business Challenge: Eliminate excessive document storage space and streamline HR filing process.

Sports Franchise Preserves Legacy, Stores Over Half a Century of Information

Customer Profile
The Cleveland Indians professional baseball team has a storied history dating back to 1901, two years before the merger that formed the MLB (Major League Baseball). Since that time, the Indians have won two World Series Championships, five American League Pennants, and seven Central Division titles. In addition, Cleveland has been the home to three MVPs, three CY Young Awards, and five Rookies of the Year. Bob Feller, Satchel Paige and Cy Young are just a few of the legendary players who have belonged to this extraordinary team.

The Indians are utilizing the system in their Human Resources and Accounting departments to access active and terminated files of everyone associated with their organization as well as all accounts payable and receivables. Because they often need to produce records for attorneys, medical claims and other reasons, they must be able to quickly access files which can date back many years.

Documents being handled by DocStar ECM range from invoices, job applications, reviews and incident reports to payroll records and paperwork associated with raises and bonuses. One division of the Human Resources Department is using DocStar to process all job applications, classifying them with key words so staff can enter the position desired, salary range and other criteria and instantly access all qualified applicants.

The Problem
Prior to DocStar ECM , the biggest issue was space. To store all their paper documents, they were using eight to ten large five drawer lateral files, along with another five four-drawer cabinets. Another was that their file storage room was on the fourth floor of Progressive (Jacobs) Field, while the offices were on the second floor. Which meant valuable time was lost in wasted file searching.

The Solution
Using DocStar ECM , the Indians scanned well in excess of 20,000 active and terminated files eliminating the need for their costly, inconveniently located storage facility. Currently they are using DocStar ECM to handle all their active files, with all documents coming into their offices being immediately scanned into the system. The room that was once used for file storage is now free from file cabinets and is being employed productively as another mini-department. To celebrate the metamorphosis, the department had its own shredding party, complete with over half a century’s worth of baseball confetti.

The Benefits
“For us, the clinchers for choosing DocStar were ease of use, turnkey capability and excellent security features,” said the team’s IT Director, who went on to say, “I love it because it works and doesn’t cause me any grief! Every department should have it.”

The Indians were up and running with the system the day it was delivered, and had scanned several hundred files by day’s end. Within the first week, they had already scanned and filed several thousand files. They are saving thousands of dollars a month using DocStar ECM in retrieval, paper and file folder costs as well as reduced time spent searching for misplaced files.

DocStar Customer Success – Cleveland Indians