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Customer Success Stories
Magnolia Brewing Company Success Story

Magnolia Brewing Company Improves  Efficiency and Manages Paper with DocStar ECM AP Automationmagnolia brewing ap automation

Founded in 1997, Magnolia Brewing Company is the home to several popular craft beers in the San Francisco region. Managing two restaurants and handling brewery distribution made it critical to find a competitive edge for the growing organization. Accounts Payable Automation was the logical choice.

Hundreds of vendor invoices arrive throughout each month from a variety of sources: paper, email, fax, etc. DocStar ECM AP Automation allows them to capture and process these documents quickly and efficiently so they can focus on what is most important – the beer.

Magnolia Brewery implemented DocStar ECM is integrated with OrchestratedBEER Brewery Management software to allow for one-click retrieval of invoices and related documents. The automated workflow engine drives the invoice capture and approval process for the Accounts Payable department.

DocStar ECM AP Automation:

  • Is easy to implement and use
  • Performs 2 & 3 way matching to identify errors – automatically
  • Offers better insight allows you to capture more early payment discounts
  • Streamlines the entire AP process with electronic forms and automated workflow
  • Easily secures approvals from department managers – even remotely
  • Has secure, global access from any desktop or mobile device


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