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Enterprise Content Management White Papers

Microsoft SharePoint vs. Enterprise Content Management
by DocStar

This white paper compares the pros and cons of Microsoft SharePoint with those of enterprise content management (ECM).

SharePoint compared to ECM

The Definitive Guide to Sales Order Automation
by DocStar

Sales order entry is a mission-critical part of the sales transaction—setting the pace for the entire process. Sales order automation streamlines the sales order entry process by accurately capturing data, reviewing it, and entering it into your system—eliminating the need for time-consuming, labor-intensive manual sales order entry. Read this guide to learn more about sales order automation – the solutions, the benefits, and the returns on investment.

sales order automation guide

Tackling AP Automation with a Holistic Document Management Approach
by Levvel Research

This whitepaper serves as a guide to using ECM software to jump-start digital transformation and increase the ROI of technology adoption for scaling and middle-market companies. It explores trends in back-office process management—including AP processes—among North American organizations, highlights the savings possible with automation, and offers a guide to gaining buy-in for ECM adoption.

AP Automation and Document Management

Payables Insight Report: Understanding the Value of Holistic Invoice-to-Payment Automation for Enhanced Business Outcomes
by Levvel Research

This insight report explores the varying ways that payables automation is leveraged today in increasingly digital, nimble, and competitive business environments.

automated payables insight

Guide to Procure-to-Pay and Digital Transformation
by Levvel Research

Digital transformation as a function is leveraging innovative technology to digitize and automate key business functions; as a result, it effectively enables companies to become nimbler and more competitive in their markets. Beyond this simple definition, the actual steps, implementation, and end state of digital transformation are vague, and the lack of agreement on its proper application leads many to dismiss it as a buzzword. Unfortunately, this dismissal causes organizations to miss out on its long-term, far-reaching value.  This report explores how digital transformation looks in the context of Procure-to-Pay (P2P), and examines current trends among North American organizations around back-office technology usage and improvement goals and strategies.

digital transformation guide

Document Management Software ROI: The Case for Electronic Document Management
by DocStar

Digital document management systems (DMS) have progressed from scan and archive to full featured solutions enabling document-driven business process automation. DMS have reduced business’ reliance on paper, delivering financial and efficiency benefits ranging from hard and soft dollar cost savings to better, more efficient processes, and faster customer service. Each year, as technology costs drop, the potential return on investment (ROI) in electronic document management increases.

document management ROI