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Paperwork is submitted to the office faster and it is quickly and easily ‘filed’ with docSTAR. At any time we can see what documents are still needed. Agents can view their paperwork anytime, anywhere. The office staff saves time and paper and the agents enjoy the fact that they don’t have to drive to the office to hand us the paperwork.

- Lisa Macy, Coldwell Banker RMR

Intelligent Data Capture

Intelligent Data Capture

Automatically recognize, classify, and index key documents to accelerate and refine document driven business processes.  Realize true productivity enhancements immediately. 

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Workflow Automation


Transition your team from slow, cumbersome, manual document processing to efficient, conditional auto-routing for review and action with guided instruction and metric reporting.

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Cloud Document Management Software


Powerful infrastructure, low overhead, universal access, easy decision. Cloud Document Management Software makes it easy to focus on your business anywhere, anytime.

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