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In their article, Achieve ROI by upgrading to new ERP the Sage ERP Team posted an article asking “are businesses using ERP as effectively as they could be?”  There are many benefits to ERP, but if companies aren’t accessing all of the features, it’s unlikely they are achieving maximum ROI. The solution is to not only invest more in training, but also to select a user-friendly ERP platform that staff will be more comfortable using. While this article referred to Australia announcing plans to integrate their ERP platforms, all businesses, as well as governments, can experience positive ROI if their … Continue reading

Unsought products are defined as are goods that the consumer does not know about or does not normally think of buying. But Boone Drugs,  the authority in pharmaceutical sales, thinks about unsought products all the time and offer hard to find services such as oxygen services and BHRT hormone replacement therapy. When the time comes such products are required, Boone is ready to serve their customer . . . except when it came to assisting with billing. Billers needed a patient’s chart to understand how to proceed; the chart would sit on a biller’s desk awaiting attention, but then a respiratory therapist would need the … Continue reading

We know how frustrating it is when you’re on a job site and need supporting documentation related to an asset, feature or layer but can’t get it because it’s back at the office. That’s why we created eclipse for ArcGIS. Accessible, portable, and mobile-friendly, eclipse for ArcGIS gives you what you’ve come to expect from the ArcGIS platform as well as access to the documents you need to do your job more efficiently. Not only that, but documents are automatically geo-coded when they are entered into docSTAR eclipse document management software saving your office staff time and money. On June 30th at 2:00pm ET, join David Hansen of GEO Jobe and David Hutt of docSTAR for a 30-minute presentation of our eclipse for … Continue reading

Not too long ago we discussed how to avoid a late payment and how AP Automation can manage the entire payment process quickly and accurately, thereby avoiding past due accounts. And as beneficial as avoiding a late payment may be, taking advantage of early payments may prove to be the next step in good business decisions. According to Scott Pezza on, if, in fewer than 10 days, your business can get an invoice to accounts payable, confirm the bill’s accuracy, obtain approval, and initiate payment then it may be worthwhile to pay in full ahead of time for an early … Continue reading

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) probably says it best, “your ability to recover from an emergency tomorrow may depend on the planning and preparation you do today.” And that is as true to each of us personally as it is to our place of business. So what planning and preparation have you taken to ensure that your business can survive a hit by Mother Nature? Is your business based in a hurricane, flooding, or tornado zone? Or, how would something unforeseeable such as a fire impact your ability to do business? Jeff Frankel, Executive Vice President and Principal at docSTAR, explored … Continue reading

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