Jeff Frankel, Vice President of Marketing at docSTAR, a software company specializing in enterprise content management and accounts payable automation solutions, discusses his career as an entrepreneur in an article by Upstate Venture Connect. Jeff attributes his success to his colleagues and stresses that he has always surrounded himself with smart people. He states that “the end result is a group of team plays who are consistently on the same page.” Jeff believes that building a brand using social media is critical to the success of a company. Traditional media methods are not a viable option for small to midsize … Continue reading

Brief Video Demonstrations Empower Users to Learn at Their Own Pace Since we launched CareCentral we’ve been steadily adding content so that our users can get the answers and support that they need. This week, we’d like to introduce CareCentral Micro Lessons. Micro Lessons are brief (1-3 minute) video demonstrations of commonly asked questions we receive from eclipse users. Questions like “How do I delete 1 page from a document?” or “How do I reorder the pages in a document?” are quickly answered with a brief video demonstration. Not using docSTAR eclipse? Want to learn more? Check out our document management … Continue reading

Small and medium businesses no longer have a reason to put off implementing document management software solutions. At an affordable price point, DMS gives even a small business a fast return on investment in cost savings and productivity improvements. In a recent article on Aberdeen Essentials, docSTAR VP of Marketing Jeff Frankel weighed in on how HR professionals can see improvements across the entire employee lifecycle with document management software. Here’s an excerpt and be sure to read the article in its entirety on Aberdeen Essentials. “In the Human Resource department, unique requirements for security, integration and workflow made implementing these … Continue reading

Top performing Human Resources departments know that tight workflows are key to quickly processing and advancing “paperwork” related to hiring, onboarding, training and retaining talent. To achieve that, however, time consuming paper-based processes need to be replaced with streamlined, integrated, secure document management solutions. Recently, docSTAR principal and VP of Marketing Jeff Frankel weighed in on the top trends in HR Workflow and document management software. He discusses trends like: Cloud Computing, Social Integration, Mobile-Friendly Development, Client Portals and more. Check out the full article on Jumpstart HR. Want to learn more about how top performing HR departments becoming top performing? Watch our 30-minute … Continue reading

Automate the AP process to gain control, increase visibility and reap the benefits of improved invoice management What is the greatest time-saving invention of all time? Search online, ask your co-workers and you will find many answers – from the wheel to the telephone, the Model-T Ford to wireless technology. Whatever your choice, each of these inventions saved us time by shortening the distances and connecting us to family, friends, work and play. Luckily, these inventions continue to spawn new ideas and new ways to save us time and energy. In the 21st century we now have electric cars, laptop … Continue reading