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Automate the AP process to gain control, increase visibility and reap the benefits of improved invoice management What is the greatest time-saving invention of all time? Search online, ask your co-workers and you will find many answers – from the wheel to the telephone, the Model-T Ford to wireless technology. Whatever your choice, each of these inventions saved us time by shortening the distances and connecting us to family, friends, work and play. Luckily, these inventions continue to spawn new ideas and new ways to save us time and energy. In the 21st century we now have electric cars, laptop … Continue reading

The idea of document automation is not new. Techniques that implement scanning, data capture, document management and electronic storage are used in many important enterprise functions. Companies from all industries have for years successfully used document automation and enterprise content management to save money and build more efficient business processes. Despite the steady drive toward digitization, the human resources function in many organizations continues to be mired in paper copies and manual workflow. As other areas of business and commerce have become more and more paperless, the HR process remains burdened with printouts and paper forms, faxes and scanned documents, and … Continue reading

Today’s post is by guest blogger Julia Scavicchio. Julia is an editor with Better Buys, a trusted source on enterprise software news and research. Follow her on Twitter @JuliaScavicchio for more insight on how technology is changing our workforce. Businesses are obsessed with data and rightly so. Data is at the forefront of decision making – and it’s here to stay. But this isn’t a novel change. Companies have tracked tasks for a long time as part of best practices and compliance. The difference between now and then is that tasks no longer have to be tracked with paper-based documents. … Continue reading

It’s noon and the sweet, sweet smell of bacon fills the office air. Everyone is smiling… even the vegans. Your boss is giving out high-fives like it’s the third Thursday of April (national high five day, mark it down). One of the IT guys misses and recovers with what seems like the coolest thumbs up ever thrown in history. Today is a good day. Why? Today, the Accounts Payable department gets to pick lunch! You’ve spent the last few quarters watching, reading, analyzing – big data, cloud computing, accounts payable automation. There’s something there, but what? Then it hits you while … Continue reading

  While the demand for data continues to rise, healthcare managers still find themselves in a bit of a tizzy when it comes to finding solutions to help them make better financial decisions.  It’s no secret that the days of filing cabinets and paper running have been a huge detriment to healthcare systems across the country.  Information gets lost or misfiled. Workplace efficiency is slowed to a halt. Yet, according to Accenture’s 2015 Healthcare Technology Vision report, upwards of 40% of the AP Healthcare managers are managing 50% more data than they were last year. The wisest of the bunch have turned … Continue reading

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