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B2B Technology Landscape – Evolving to Meet Market Demand

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With growing rapidity, the B2B technology landscape is evolving to support digital transformation, converging business models, and the nonstop demands of e-commerce requirements.  B2B customers want service and support and are fueled by expectations that burn hot in B2C. Aberdeen Group reports that the ability of companies to keep pace is magnified by the growing complexity of broader and deeper supply chains, which in turn are driving changes in the B2B technology landscape. The Aberdeen report “B2B Technology Landscape – Evolving with the Times to Meet Market Demand” finds that the pressures facing companies prioritizing their technology needs include: Rising … Continue reading

DocStar Shines at Epicor Insights 2018

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DocStar and our customers shone brightly at the recent Epicor Insights 2018 conference. Nearly 4,000 customers and partners attended the event, and DocStar presentations were filled with customers and others eager to learn more about how DocStar supports digital transformation. As Tom Franceski, DocStar vice president and general manager, pointed out during his kick-off remarks, AIIM reports that 87 percent of organizations are either planning or are in the midst of a digital transformation initiative. It’s no longer a nice to have, it’s now a need to remain competitive. Digital transformation fundamentally alters enterprise core business processes, using software applications … Continue reading

Rapid Time to Value Award

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Congratulations to BWF Envirotec USA on winning the Rapid Time to Value Award, presented at Epicor Insights 2018. The Rapid Time to Value Award is part of the Epicor Customer Excellence Awards, which honor organizations that have successfully deployed Epicor solutions to achieve excellence in business efficiency, customer experience, and overall performance. BWF Envirotec USA is the U.S.-based partner of the world’s leading provider of high-quality filter media. Family owned and operated since 1989, the company is now part of a global network that spans 50 countries and produces more than 9,000,000 ready-to-install collector bags, liquid filter cloths, belts, and … Continue reading

Optimizing the Onboarding Process for the Next Generation of Employees

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Employee onboarding is critical to organizational success but often neglected In this quarter’s edition of Journal of American Management Association, DocStar GM Tom Franceski shares his views on the importance of optimizing the onboarding process, particularly with today’s generation of young, tech savvy professionals. Here’s an excerpt of the article. Click the link for the whole article. “An investment in employee onboarding can go a long way. Research shows that a structured best-practice onboarding process can help stave off early turnover. The Society for Human Resource Management has found that employees who attended a structured orientation program were 69% more likely to stay with the company … Continue reading

The Strategic vs. The Financial Buyer – Tom Franceski on Forbes and BuiltToSell

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Tom Franceski, DocStar VP and general manager  was featured on and Built To Sell, a podcast series with John Warwillow. In this episode, Tom explains how he and his partners chose the right company to sell the business to and how they went after the price they wanted. You’ll also hear: Why strategic buyers pay more than financial ones The definition of a frictionless acquisition How to use a cocktail of seller financing and mezzanine debt to buy a company with little of your own money on the line The difference between inbound and outbound marketing How acquirers secretly evaluate your … Continue reading