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Content Management Technology Value Matrix – DocStar is a Leader

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The latest Content Management Technology Value Matrix from Nucleus Research ranks 17 content management solutions along functionality and usability.  Solutions with lower usability and lower functionality fall into the “core provider” quadrant on the matrix.  Those with lower functionality but greater usability are in the “facilitator” quadrant.  Solutions with better functionality but lower usability land in the “expert” section on the matrix.  Lastly, solutions that present better functionality and greater usability are “leaders.”  Nucleus Research reports DocStar is a leader on the Content Management Technology Value Matrix. This year’s Content Management Technology Value Matrix focuses on straightforward integrations with core … Continue reading

Commercial Transportation Dealers Streamline Information Management with Enterprise Content Management

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Commercial transportation dealers face many challenges on a daily basis – loads of competition, a customer base with evolving needs, economic forces that affect commercial vehicle purchases, various supply-chain issues, and the challenges of operating a business with high supply costs — just to name a few. Dealers don’t need the additional challenge of dealing with the minutiae of running the business, particularly the large volumes of paper that accompany every transaction. Besides sales receipts and invoices, there are title and lease applications, warranty claims, parts orders, repair orders, maintenance records, credit applications, technical manuals, and a plethora of other … Continue reading

Successful Digital Transformation Guidelines in New Levvel Research Report

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Successful Digital Transformation – In its 2019 Guide to Procure-to-Pay & Digital Transformation Report, Levvel Research examines the current state of adoption as well as the key technologies and the emerging technologies that will benefit organizations’ digital transformation initiatives. What is digital transformation? According to Levvel, the three key elements include: Digitizing analogue processes to create a new, enhanced method or experience Automating processes in the back office to reduce costs across departments Changing or creating new business models While each of these initiatives may be pursued independently, they can drive more additive business benefit when pursued collectively. Procurement and … Continue reading

What I Learned About HR and Digital Transformation from Martha Stewart at the SHRM Show

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Okay, so I didn’t actually get a chance to talk to either Martha Stewart or Lionel Richie — despite being under the same roof with them (along with 20,000 others) at the recent Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) conference in Las Vegas. The HR technology landscape is massive and crowded – as is the SHRM show. And that’s why we were so excited to experience a significant amount of booth traffic at the event. Summarizing the key business drivers that brought many SHRM members to our booth, they include: 1) the need for centralization and ease-of-access to information contained … Continue reading

What is Order Management?

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Order management, sometimes referred to as sales order automation or sales order processing, enables today’s companies to meet customer demands for a rapid quote-to-order-to-delivery process while removing mountains of paper from legacy ordering processes, producing significant organizational efficiencies. A digital order management system helps coordinate the aspects of a firm’s order fulfillment process as well as the administration. It includes order entry, tracking and processing orders, and organizing fulfillment from the initial order entry to shipment of the product. It also manages additional data from customers and sales teams. A quality order management system enables a company to achieve a … Continue reading