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What is Business Process Automation?

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What is Business Process Automation?  And why is it important? Reducing costs, increasing productivity, and boosting employee morale are key objectives for most organizations. And yet, many companies are falling short of these goals as they’re relying on outdated technologies to run and drive their business – which burdens employees with painstaking, manual and time-consuming processes. Old habits can be hard to break, but not evolving “the business of work” can throttle both business growth and employee satisfaction. Business process automation (BPA) is at the forefront of work transformation. It’s main underlying goal is efficiency, and it’s one of the … Continue reading

Digital Disruption

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What is digital disruption? Digital disruption is the threat to existing business players and models that occurs when new digital technologies give rise to new business models, new competitors, breakthrough competitive advantage, and/or new goods and services that dramatically alter the competitive landscape. What is its effect on enterprise?  Digital transformation demands new and different investments across the enterprise, including in the areas of talent, technology, resource allocations, marketing technologies and programs, outside services, business process improvements, business policies, logistics, etc. Suffice to say, digital transformation isn’t an IT project, it’s the future of your business, and this requires widespread … Continue reading

What is ECM?

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What is ECM? Paperwork. Email. Information in general. We all have too much of it these days – whether at home in our personal lives, or in the office, strewn across our desks and digital devices. The abundance of content – in both physical and electronic form – is overwhelming and extremely difficult to corral as we create, consume and distribute vast amounts of information daily. Organizations suffer significant losses in time and productivity spent searching for information. This can translate to significant costs for a corporation. IDC estimates “the typical enterprise with 1,000 knowledge workers wastes $2.5 million to … Continue reading

Digital Transformation Models – What Works?

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Digital transformation is the application of digital technologies to fundamentally impact all aspects of business.  Digital transformation models are attempts to provide frameworks to guide the process. One advertised digital transformation model has five steps – digitize, organize, automate, streamline and transform.  It’s an interesting gimmick, but it misses the point. If the first step of a digital transformation initiative is to digitize, the effort is doomed to fail.  There are lots of reason to digitize.  Some of the benefits include secure browser-based document capture and retrieval, and reduced document storage costs, but it’s the wrong first step.  It’s tactical … Continue reading

Global Accounts Payable – Global Payments Solutions Reduce Complexity

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Organizations with international footprints face complex challenges when it comes to global accounts payable.  With the rise of globalization, most businesses have experienced rapid international growth.  This has created new stress for AP departments, which now must consider different currencies, time zone differences, and various tax and other regulations. In their report “Accounts Payable without Borders,” Aberdeen Group focuses on these challenges and what best-in-class companies are doing to optimize and streamline their AP processes in the face of growing globalization. Best-in-class organizations are 130% more likely to have a global accounts payable solution in place than the industry average. … Continue reading