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AP Automation Series: Levels of Data Capture for Ease & Efficiency in Accounts Payable

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In our last post in our AP Automation series, discussed the elements of a basic content management system, including invoice capturing, indexing, workflow and storage and how to implement as a very easy first step in the electronic AP Process. In this post we will provide an overview of how various technologies can read data and how this information is shared. Additionally, we’ll explain  basic capture with structured templates to more advanced technology like barcode readers, Optical Character Recognition and Intelligent Data Capture, and the benefits of each. Now that we understand the basic elements of a Document Management System, we … Continue reading

3 Ways to Improve Profitability Now with Automated Accounts Payable Processing

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Is there anyone who wouldn’t jump at the chance at improving corporate profitability? Unfortunately, many businesses are so focused on the day to day pressures and challenges that they neglect to take the time to look closely enough at how overall efficiency and profitability could be improved. Why not start with improving the way your company handles accounts payable processing? Here are three key areas where your business could see immediate results by automating AP Processes with the right technology. Reduce Procure to Pay Processing Time Processing all of those paper invoices is cumbersome and takes time. Too much time. … Continue reading