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Find Cash in Your AP Department with Automation | Webinar Replay

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Watch the Video On Demand Now. Learn how companies just like yours are using AP Automation tools to: Reduce AP processing time Capture more early payment discounts Mitigate lost invoices Streamline workflow Presented by Eric McCracken Eric McCracken, AP Practice Leader at DocStar, is a seasoned information technology executive helping businesses across all industries save money and improve efficiency by automating a variety of business processes. Eric’s “real world” experience as a senior level executive in finance and accounting, ISO and Six Sigma manufacturing operations, give him a unique perspective into the day-to-day challenges that financial professionals face, enabling him … Continue reading

AP Automation Series: Levels of Data Capture for Ease & Efficiency in Accounts Payable

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In our last post in our AP Automation series, discussed the elements of a basic content management system, including invoice capturing, indexing, workflow and storage and how to implement as a very easy first step in the electronic AP Process. In this post we will provide an overview of how various technologies can read data and how this information is shared. Additionally, we’ll explain  basic capture with structured templates to more advanced technology like barcode readers, Optical Character Recognition and Intelligent Data Capture, and the benefits of each. Now that we understand the basic elements of a Document Management System, we … Continue reading

AP Automation Series: How Much AP Automation Do You Need?

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No matter what business you are in – healthcare or law, automotive or manufacturing, Accounts Payable (AP) is central to your finance department. Traditionally mired in mounds of paperwork and suffering from the inefficiencies of manual processing, many AP departments have thrown up their hands in frustration while other areas of the business benefit from newer systems and better technology.  Businesses now have access to software to streamline everything from sales and marketing to HR, AR, payroll and customer communication. But too many times the AP team gets left in the dust. So what is the answer for AP? It’s … Continue reading

Keep the Healthcare Industry Healthy with AP Automation

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According to a PayStream Advisors study, healthcare payment cycles are ten times less efficient and more complex than nearly every other industry. Why? The answer is simple: Paper-based processes. Paper-based workflows require a lot of manual effort – meaning your employees spend too much time chasing down paper documents – tasks that could be eliminated with AP automation. With automated AP workflows, invoices and related documents are quickly and securely routed through the software, allowing payments to be completed in a matter of hours rather than weeks – helping you avoid late payment fees (and duplicate payments) and earning more … Continue reading

The 5 Things Every IT Director Needs to Know About AP Automation

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“For organizations and C-level executives hoping to enhance their financial forecasting accuracy and strategic goal attainment, payables is really the place to start. By relegating AP to a tier 2, back-office function, executives and organizations might be missing a strategic piece.” The Aberdeen Group If you’re the Director of IT, you know that you are continually looking for products that will deliver efficiency to core aspects of business processes while protecting valuable capital – intellectual and otherwise, and generating significant cost savings. Under constant pressure to reduce IT costs, you are tasked with finding the right products while justifying all expenditures.  Often … Continue reading