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Don’t Be the Poster Child For the Next Big Data Leak

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From the moment an employee applies for a job until the hire leaves the organization, a trail of personal information is created, copied, and stored. Businesses need to understand the responsibility to protect all this data. Each business should ask itself what safeguards it has in place and whether it has taken steps to properly handle data. The solution for many organizations is to implement rights-based security through a digital document management or enterprise content management (ECM) system. But with hundreds of products and solutions to choose from — and many platforms providing similar feature and functionalities — how do you determine … Continue reading

Bacon, Eggs and AP Automation

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It’s noon and the sweet, sweet smell of bacon fills the office air. Everyone is smiling… even the vegans. Your boss is giving out high-fives like it’s the third Thursday of April (national high five day, mark it down). One of the IT guys misses and recovers with what seems like the coolest thumbs up ever thrown in history. Today is a good day. Why? Today, the Accounts Payable department gets to pick lunch! You’ve spent the last few quarters watching, reading, analyzing – big data, cloud computing, accounts payable automation. There’s something there, but what? Then it hits you while … Continue reading

Modern Data Breach: A Problem of the People and the Process

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let’s start with a tired metaphor: “storing crown jewels outside of castle walls.” so, if information security is like medieval europe, then companies are the feudal lords who spend their Continue reading

Weekly Roundup: Looking At Big Data in the Real World, 5 Questions You Must Answer to Succeed in Big Data

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5 Questions You Must Answer to Succeed in Big Data The world is getting smarter. We’ve got smart phones, smart vacuum cleaners, even smart yoga mats. The marriage of data and technology is radically changing our world and making it smarter. And business must become smarter too. Big data is one big way businesses are meeting this challenge, but all too often I see companies diving in without first creating what I call a SMART framework within which to approach their data needs: Start with strategy, Measure metrics and data,Apply analytics, Report results, and Transform your business Read the entire … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – Value of ECM, Fundraisers Using ECM, & Accurate Big Data

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Understanding the Value of ECM – Three Reasons Why You Need It Now Enterprise Content Management has many tools to help businesses with processes that were formerly paper-based. However, even with companies that have implemented ECM software, there are many aspects of it that are not being utilized to their fullest extent. “In a recent study, AIIM conducted a survey of 385 companies and found that while most of the organizations participating (90%) had imaging systems in place, only half employ any kind of text recognition technology. And although 40% indicated that their inbound forms contain free form and handwritten … Continue reading