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What is Business Process Automation?

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What is Business Process Automation?  And why is it important? Reducing costs, increasing productivity, and boosting employee morale are key objectives for most organizations. And yet, many companies are falling short of these goals as they’re relying on outdated technologies to run and drive their business – which burdens employees with painstaking, manual and time-consuming processes. Old habits can be hard to break, but not evolving “the business of work” can throttle both business growth and employee satisfaction. Business process automation (BPA) is at the forefront of work transformation. It’s main underlying goal is efficiency, and it’s one of the … Continue reading

What is RPA?

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Put simply, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) describes a software development toolkit that allows non-engineers to quickly create software robots (commonly known as “bots”) to automate rules-driven business processes by replacing human effort to complete tasks. Software bots mimic human activities such as logging into IT systems and copying and pasting data across systems.  Unlike other automation solutions, RPA generally requires minimum integration with the existing IT setup. Organizations with labor-intensive processes can potentially boost productivity and save time and money with Robotic Process Automation. This has put it top of mind with IT departments and with business executives evaluating how … Continue reading

Save Your Sanity and Your Finances with AP Automation Software

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“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein If your company is processing more than 500 invoices per month – repeating the same manual process over and over, and not improving efficiency – you are losing money, and your financial sanity. But there is a solution. With business process automation, businesses are gaining efficiencies. Accounts Payable processing is no exception. If you are managing the AP process manually across multiple people, vendors, offices, states or even countries, chances are you have felt the tide of insanity rise more than once.  It doesn’t have … Continue reading

Camden the ‘Invincible’: From Disaster to Recovery

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Camden, New Jersey, once recognized by Walt Whitman as America’s ‘invincible’ city, has more recently been noted as the archetype of American failure. From the fall of Fort Nassau to ABSCAM to the exodus of industry, Camden’s stagnation and economic shortcomings plagued its streets. But today, Whitman’s poem, I Dreamd’d a Dream, represents a deeper sentiment that ferries the city towards recovery. Over the last decade, Camden has been undergoing a period of revitalization. Support from government entities has enabled the city to cultivate a comprehensive redevelopment strategy. With nearly 100,000 citizens, 9 municipal departments and an abundance of local organizations, … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – Streamline Accounts Payable with Invoice Matching Software, Intelligent Process Automation Software Unlocks Business Value, ERP: Lessons from the Field

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Streamline Accounts Payable with Invoice Matching Software Nearly all organizations experience the pain associated with manually processing and matching invoices. How can organizations overcome these challenges? One way is to automate with invoice matching software. Here’s how it works. Read the entire article   Intelligent Process Automation Software Unlocks Business Value Software advancements in the field of process automation will unlock significant value for businesses within the next three to five years. “The list of game-changing and differentiating examples of process analytics is immense, especially when IPA tools using artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive time-sensitive outcomes are applied,” … Continue reading