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3 Keys to Secure BYOD with Enterprise Content Management Software

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The right enterprise content management strategy keeps data secure while eliminating the cost burden. Think back to the dark ages (before the 90s, of course) when the best way to share a file and collaborate was FedEx – or if you were lucky enough to live in a city that had them – bike messenger. If you had a document that needed review, edit, approval, signature – whatever the status, you knew the best (and only) way to make sure the information was secure was to send it on foot, wings or wheels. Collaboration and sharing files was a much more … Continue reading

Modern Data Breach: A Problem of the People and the Process

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let’s start with a tired metaphor: “storing crown jewels outside of castle walls.” so, if information security is like medieval europe, then companies are the feudal lords who spend their Continue reading

BYOD Security: How Companies Reduce the Risk

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The 2014 Ponemon Institute Cost of Data Breach Study estimates the globally, the average cost of a data breach to a company was $3.5 million, a 15 percent increase over the previous year. The average cost paid for each lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information increased more than 9 percent from $136 in 2013 to $145 in this year’s study. So then, why would a company potentially increase its security risk by accepting an employee practice to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)? Nate Lord, blog and SEO Manager at Digital Guardian, asked a panel of experts, “how can companies keep … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup- Document Management for 2015, AP Automation for Healthcare & ERP with BYOD

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Refine Your Document Management Systems (DMS) and Improve Company Performance By Q1 2015 In a recent blog article, we discussed why implementing or improving upon a document management system should be considered for 2015 to increase efficiency, improve scalability, and a realize a solid ROI. “Whatever the case, there is a better way to improve your company performance across all departments – reducing costs, increasing efficiency and enhancing internal communications – and with a system that can be up and running almost as fast as you can say ‘Happy New Year!’” Read the entire article.   Keep the Healthcare Industry Healthy … Continue reading