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Tracking Accounts Payable Metrics That Matter

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Many AP Departments still struggle with manual invoice processing and feel the impact of inefficient paper-based processes. Specifically, they lack visibility to track metrics and determine how to benchmark themselves relative to higher performers in their industry. As written in “metric of the month” at, the importance of accounts payable process costs becomes clear: There’s a large gap between top performers and those companies that are spending the most to process accounts payable. Benchmarking surveys help CFOs to understand how their various finance processes compare to other organizations in terms of cost-efficiency, labor productivity, activity speed, and error rates.  Understanding metrics … Continue reading

Four Important Ways AP Automation Makes a Difference in Healthcare

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In the field of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) much of the attention in the healthcare space is on large, high-volume process-centric systems for things like claims processing or medical records. But one very important process that all healthcare organizations must manage is the Accounts Payable process. Don’t Overlook AP Automation Despite its fundamental role, most healthcare organizations overlook AP when it comes to document automation. One reason for this is that, until recently, most ECM installations required an enterprise-sized budget and a long implementation curve; something that few AP departments can afford. But that may be changing as more and … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – CFO Challenges for 2015, ERP Security, & Cloud Spending

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CFOs Tackle the Challenge of Accounts Payable in 2015 If you’re a CFO, what are your greatest challenges? The accounts payable process is troubling for many. However, with the right tools, 2015 will be the year CFOs rid themselves of time-intensive, expensive, manual processes for accounts payable. “According to research from Ardent Partners a majority of AP leaders appear poised, finally, to rise and take control of their department’s destiny. Migrating off of paper-based processes is the top priority for the majority of respondents nationwide (52%), the second priority, improving process efficiency (44%), is seen as an inevitable and requisite benefit once … Continue reading

CFO’s Tackle the Challenge of Accounts Payable in 2015

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Accounts Payable is a fundamental activity for nearly all businesses. Pick any enterprise and you can bet there is an AP function at the heart of financial operations. The obligation to pay off short-term debt is one that every company must satisfy. But more than that, the process to do it must be efficient and productive…and that’s the challenge. If you get behind on your obligations you risk missing important financial discounts, defaulting with creditors, and damaging your reputation with suppliers and stakeholders. Executives Take Control The stage is set for 2015 to be the year that CFOs tackle antiquated … Continue reading