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3 Keys to Secure BYOD with Enterprise Content Management Software

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The right enterprise content management strategy keeps data secure while eliminating the cost burden. Think back to the dark ages (before the 90s, of course) when the best way to share a file and collaborate was FedEx – or if you were lucky enough to live in a city that had them – bike messenger. If you had a document that needed review, edit, approval, signature – whatever the status, you knew the best (and only) way to make sure the information was secure was to send it on foot, wings or wheels. Collaboration and sharing files was a much more … Continue reading

Business Continuity After A Cyber Attack

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Cyber security is today’s hot topic of discussion for business owners. The looming threat of hackers, corporate espionage or mismanagement of BYOD policies by employees, haunt even the boards members of organizations across the country. And yet, in a PwC polling of 10,000 top level executives, only 45% state that their boards participate in the cyber security strategy. Clint Boulton from CIO states in an article: The frequency of attacks is accelerating: PwC survey respondents reported a 38 percent uptick in cyber-assaults from 2014. The result has business leaders and their boards rethinking their cybersecurity practices, including funneling $77 billion on corresponding … Continue reading

Modern Data Breach: A Problem of the People and the Process

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let’s start with a tired metaphor: “storing crown jewels outside of castle walls.” so, if information security is like medieval europe, then companies are the feudal lords who spend their Continue reading

How Your Business Can Survive a Hit by Mother Nature

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Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) probably says it best, “your ability to recover from an emergency tomorrow may depend on the planning and preparation you do today.” And that is as true to each of us personally as it is to our place of business. So what planning and preparation have you taken to ensure that your business can survive a hit by Mother Nature? Is your business based in a hurricane, flooding, or tornado zone? Or, how would something unforeseeable such as a fire impact your ability to do business? Jeff Frankel, Executive Vice President and Principal at DocStar, explored … Continue reading

How Much Does a Cloud Investment Help Your Organization?

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David Spark, the founder of Spark Media Solutions, posed this challenge on While it’s well known that the cloud helps organizations “do more with less,” the follow up question of “how much?” is far less known. IT rarely asks that question, yet the business does ask, and the business wants answers. If IT is going to better align themselves with business operations, they must be able to objectively quantify the value of the cloud. Of course the business asks the question. While a business must oversee all its strategic objectives in relation to its business expenditures, a business unit, … Continue reading