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AP Automation Series: Optimize Indexing in Your Enterprise Document Management System

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In Chapter One of this series, we outlined the Benefits and Capabilities of Document Management Technology and reviewed the elements of a basic content management system, including invoice capturing, indexing, workflow and storage, and how to implement DMS as a simple first step in the automated AP process. In Chapter Two, we discussed Utilizing Different Levels of Data Capture For Ease and Efficiency, including an overview of how various technologies can read data and how this information is shared from basic capture with structured templates to more advanced technology like barcode readers, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Data Capture … Continue reading

The New Information Governance Paradigm – Guest Post

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More and more organizations are ramping up their strategies surrounding Information Governance…and for good reason. How effectively we collect and use information to drive the processes and further the objectives of our organizations has a lot to do with how effectively we manage organizational performance overall. And as the volume and variety of enterprise information continues to grow, so does the need for well-thought strategies and approaches for information governance. New Framework for Information Governance Information governance is most commonly associated with things like data security, regulatory compliance and legal discovery. But a more expansive definition of information governance is emerging … Continue reading