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New Research Reveals the Key to Successful Midmarket Digital Transformation Begins with AP Automation

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With manual, inefficient, high-cost processes, accounts payable is an ideal starting point for digital transformation enabled by enterprise content management AUSTIN, Texas – May 9,2019 – Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced today new findings from sponsored research that provides insight on best-practices for digital transformation for midmarket companies, specifically how a focus on process improvement in accounts payable can provide cost and productivity windfalls to fuel expanded digital transformation efforts. The report from Levvel Research, Tackling AP Automation with a Holistic Document Management Approach: The Scaling Company’s Guide to Using Enterprise Content … Continue reading

Accounts Payable Trends

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Rather surprisingly (or not), accounts payables trends in North America show that many organizations are behind those in other countries when it comes to digital transformation and back-office digitalization.  That’s one of the observations in the 2019 Payables Insight Report from Levvel Research, sponsored in part by DocStar. Levvel Research finds that the lag in North America is greatly due to differences in tax structure and regulation.  In Europe and Latin America, the use of electronic invoices is regulated to ensure compliance with value-added tax laws.  In North America, taxes are primarily based on sales and income. There is some … Continue reading

Digital Disruption

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What is digital disruption? Digital disruption is the threat to existing business players and models that occurs when new digital technologies give rise to new business models, new competitors, breakthrough competitive advantage, and/or new goods and services that dramatically alter the competitive landscape. What is its effect on enterprise?  Digital transformation demands new and different investments across the enterprise, including in the areas of talent, technology, resource allocations, marketing technologies and programs, outside services, business process improvements, business policies, logistics, etc. Suffice to say, digital transformation isn’t an IT project, it’s the future of your business, and this requires widespread … Continue reading

Digital Transformation Models – What Works?

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Digital transformation is the application of digital technologies to fundamentally impact all aspects of business.  Digital transformation models are attempts to provide frameworks to guide the process. One advertised digital transformation model has five steps – digitize, organize, automate, streamline and transform.  It’s an interesting gimmick, but it misses the point. If the first step of a digital transformation initiative is to digitize, the effort is doomed to fail.  There are lots of reason to digitize.  Some of the benefits include secure browser-based document capture and retrieval, and reduced document storage costs, but it’s the wrong first step.  It’s tactical … Continue reading

What is Digital Transformation?

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Ask a group of business people the meaning of digital transformation, and you will get all sorts of answers, depending on what type of business they’re in and their individual roles in their organizations. The concept of digital transformation has been around for decades.  Now, with the rise of Industry 4.0, it’s taking on new meaning and relevance. So, what is it exactly?  Digital transformation is the application of digital technologies to fundamentally impact all aspects of business.  It’s not as simple as digitalizing what otherwise is considered analog – it’s much more disruptive as it requires digitizing processes as … Continue reading