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Optical Character Recognition: Revolutionizing Document Management

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology revolutionizes document management by enabling organizations to convert paper documents into a more secure, accessible, and usable digital format. This article provides an easy-to-understand overview of optical character recognition–what it is, how it works, and why it’s such a powerful driver of digital transformation for companies across various industries. What Is OCR Technology? Optical Character Recognition (sometimes referred to as Optical Character Reader) is a technology that converts printed or handwritten text into a digital format that analysts and general business users can edit, search, store, and display electronically. Optical character recognition software uses algorithms … Continue reading

How Digital Archiving Can Transform Your Business for the Better

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  As the digital age continues to evolve and an increasing amount of information is stored electronically, it’s crucial to implement a robust digital archiving system that ensures the longevity and security of your data. If your network drive, cloud storage solutions, and email attachments are overflowing with valuable files, a digital archive will help preserve and protect them. Read on to find out more. What Is Digital Archiving? A digital archive is a collection of digital files (documents, images, video recordings, etc.) that are safely retained for long-term access and storage. Digital archives are created and maintained by libraries, … Continue reading

Content Management Technology Value Matrix – DocStar is a Leader

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The latest Content Management Technology Value Matrix from Nucleus Research ranks 17 content management solutions along functionality and usability.  Solutions with lower usability and lower functionality fall into the “core provider” quadrant on the matrix.  Those with lower functionality but greater usability are in the “facilitator” quadrant.  Solutions with better functionality but lower usability land in the “expert” section on the matrix.  Lastly, solutions that present better functionality and greater usability are “leaders.”  Nucleus Research reports DocStar is a leader on the Content Management Technology Value Matrix. This year’s Content Management Technology Value Matrix focuses on straightforward integrations with core … Continue reading

Document Scanning

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Document scanning is the rather straightforward process of creating a digital document from a paper document, and it’s essential for any document management strategy as organizations still receive paper documents. Case in point – invoices.  According to Levvel Research, small-to-medium enterprises receive 48% of their invoices on paper.  In the middle-market space (defined as companies with $2 billion to $100 billion in annual revenue), 41% of invoices are presented on paper, while larger enterprises receive 22% of invoices on paper. Once an invoice is received, 57% of all companies use a manual data entry process to enter the information into … Continue reading

Digital Document Management Helps HR Adapt

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Digital document management is doing more than helping HR departments process candidate and employee records.  Digital document management is allowing HR to adapt to fundamental shifts in its day-to-day functions in terms of talent acquisition, payroll, compensation management and benefits administration. In their report “Building a Seamless Employee Experience: Document Management and E-signature,” Aberdeen finds that best-in-class organizations are 6.1 times more likely than all others (67% vs. 11%) to have strategically reduced HR headcount.  As a result, HR is being squeezed by staffing levels and a need to increase how personal the employee experience is within the applicant cycle … Continue reading