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ECM Solves Problems in Healthcare Technology

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  While the demand for data continues to rise, healthcare managers still find themselves in a bit of a tizzy when it comes to finding solutions to help them make better financial decisions.  It’s no secret that the days of filing cabinets and paper running have been a huge detriment to healthcare systems across the country.  Information gets lost or misfiled. Workplace efficiency is slowed to a halt. Yet, according to Accenture’s 2015 Healthcare Technology Vision report, upwards of 40% of the AP Healthcare managers are managing 50% more data than they were last year. The wisest of the bunch have turned … Continue reading

Finding Efficient Processes for Healthcare Organizations

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Efficiency in healthcare, while often thought of as getting medical help to patients quickly, also involves increasing administrative transparency and reducing clerical error and delays. And one area that healthcare organizations often overlook is the management of the Accounts Payable (AP) process. DRA Imaging, Inc. (DRA), a full service medical diagnostic imaging facility in practice for more than 30 years, realized that they had to change their labor-intensive AP process to reduce human error and delays.  With challenges of limited staffing, obtaining documentation from multiple locations, a multi-level approval process, and the need to provide timely financial information, it was time to … Continue reading

Healthcare & AP Automation: What You May Be Overlooking

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There is a lot of attention these days in healthcare on large, high-volume process-centric systems for things like claims processing or medical records. But one very important process that all healthcare organizations must manage is the Accounts Payable (AP) process. Four key advantages of automated AP processing includes reducing procure-to-pay time, capturing early payment discounts, improving vendor and customer relations, and gaining greater business insight. Reducing procure-to-pay time Automation systems help healthcare AP departments accelerate productivity by capturing and routing invoices automatically.  Invoices are indexed, classified, matched, and directly transferred into your ERP system. Therefore, manual data entry is eliminated and procure-to-pay time … Continue reading

How to Save a Quarter of a Million Dollars a Year

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Unsought products are defined as are goods that the consumer does not know about or does not normally think of buying. But Boone Drugs,  the authority in pharmaceutical sales, thinks about unsought products all the time and offer hard to find services such as oxygen services and BHRT hormone replacement therapy. When the time comes such products are required, Boone is ready to serve their customer . . . except when it came to assisting with billing. Billers needed a patient’s chart to understand how to proceed; the chart would sit on a biller’s desk awaiting attention, but then a respiratory therapist would need the … Continue reading

Four Important Ways AP Automation Makes a Difference in Healthcare

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In the field of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) much of the attention in the healthcare space is on large, high-volume process-centric systems for things like claims processing or medical records. But one very important process that all healthcare organizations must manage is the Accounts Payable process. Don’t Overlook AP Automation Despite its fundamental role, most healthcare organizations overlook AP when it comes to document automation. One reason for this is that, until recently, most ECM installations required an enterprise-sized budget and a long implementation curve; something that few AP departments can afford. But that may be changing as more and … Continue reading