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Finding Efficient Processes for Healthcare Organizations

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Efficiency in healthcare, while often thought of as getting medical help to patients quickly, also involves increasing administrative transparency and reducing clerical error and delays. And one area that healthcare organizations often overlook is the management of the Accounts Payable (AP) process. DRA Imaging, Inc. (DRA), a full service medical diagnostic imaging facility in practice for more than 30 years, realized that they had to change their labor-intensive AP process to reduce human error and delays.  With challenges of limited staffing, obtaining documentation from multiple locations, a multi-level approval process, and the need to provide timely financial information, it was time to … Continue reading

Vendor Relations 101: Streamline Your AP Processing and Gain a Competitive Edge

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Back office technologies like enterprise content management and automated AP processing can help you reduce costs, increase productivity and improve vendor relations – all from one system. As the kids head back to school, it’s time for them to sharpen their pencils and for us to sharpen our focus on improving our business processes. For starters, no one likes to be late – it drives parents, teachers, and principals crazy. So how about those late payments to your vendors? Not only does it cost you money, it can cause strained relationships with the same valued vendors who are the key … Continue reading