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Gain Support for Automating Your AP Process in 5 Easy Steps

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Automating AP Processes for Maximum Efficiency Some ERP systems have an AP Automation function, and some do not. There are pros and cons to each offering, but whether or not your ERP system includes AP automation, allows integration – or none of the above, there are a number of important factors to consider. Making the case for a new way to approach workflow, purchasing new software, or implementing an AP Automation solution will take thoughtful planning. Particularly in finance, where one wrong move can spell disaster. However, the upside of prudent planning can mean significant time and cost savings, as … Continue reading

Use Innovation to Offset Unpredictability in 2015

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Information is the resolution of uncertainty – Claude Shannon What could your business have done differently in 2014? Are there areas where you could have made some changes to improve company performance, security or efficiency? Most importantly – do you have the data you need to support decisions that could take you to the next level in 2015? One of the best emerging trends in business is the power of data. Transforming silos of information into a more collaborative and useful set of tools. New systems allow the integration of mobile, cloud, social and other platforms that provide access to … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – DocStar Customer Success, Automating AP with Multiple ERPs & Growth of the Cloud

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Capital Cardiology Associates Finds Success with DocStar & SAGE Integration Want to see some of the results for integrating document management software with SAGE ERP solution? Capital Cardiology Associates integrated DocStar document management software with Sage ERP, and Sage MAS 90 accounting software with DocStar ECM Smart AP Automation. “’We were able to obtain a 2% quick pay discount on one of our larger medical supply vendors,’ Johnson relayed, detailing that this is one of the largest accounts payable they have. As these savings trickle through more invoices, large and small, CCA will continuously improve their vendor relationships and their bottom line.” … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – Preventing AP Automation Disaster & Including Automation in Your Innovation Goals

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Prevent AP Automation Disaster with the Right Strategy & Planning In our blog, we discuss three main steps of planning AP Automation implementation – Communication, collaboration and calculation. “Whether it’s educating your team on a new product upgrade, illustrating a helpful workaround or sharing an industry best practice – look for vendors who continually engage their customers. Find out if a potential vendor can help you comply with the particular rules and regulations in your industry, and what the disaster recovery plan is (think ‘lifeboats’).” Read the entire article.   Why Your Company’s Innovation Goals Should Include Automating Your Invoice Processing … Continue reading

Why Your Company’s Innovation Goals Should Include Automating Your Invoice Processing

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Companies need to harness new technology to simplify outdated processes and take advantage of increased agility. The best part of every Halloween movie is always the same. You can see the moves the victim should make – “Open the door!” “Move to the next room!” “Get out of there!” and while you scream at the TV – no one can hear you. The helpless victim just can’t find the best way out of a bad situation. What’s seen as fearsome entertainment in the movies during Halloween season brings to mind the plight of businesses that can’t seem to navigate their … Continue reading