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Understanding the Value of ECM – Three Reasons Why You Need It Now

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First developed over 30 years ago, scanning and imaging systems are a popular way to capture and digitize information that would otherwise be locked on paper. Indeed, it is common to scan a physical page, make a digital image, and automatically extract bits of printed information so that the newly created digital version can be more easily stored and found. This “scan and store” approach reduces paper and improves access to information. But according to a study conducted recently by AIIM, most organizations are failing to cash in on the full value of capture and Enterprise Content Management technologies. Now … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – ROI on ECM, & ERP Steering Committees

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Measuring the ROI of Enterprise Content Management Investments Enterprise Content Management implementation leads to an excellent return on investment. However, getting that return may start with different activities. Automating AP, using data analytics, and using ECM with compliance demands are all notable methods to get a return from ECM. “The benefits of adopting any evolving technology must outweigh the costs. Nucleus found that for every dollar a company spends on ECM, it gets back $7.50 – up 23 percent from just 2 years ago. The analysis covered organizations from a broad range of industries and included small, medium, and large … Continue reading