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The High Responsibility of the Human Resources Professional

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Human resources departments carry quite a bit of responsibility for a company. The department is responsible for an organization’s compliance with state and federal employment laws and labor regulations including equal opportunity laws that promote equality in the workplace in regard to race, gender, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation and religion. This does not only mean that a human resources department will implement equal opportunity initiatives such as affirmative action programs or diversity and inclusion programs, but the department is also responsible for not omitting action that may in violation of equal employment laws. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) … Continue reading

Clearwater Underwriters Improves Customer Service & Reduces Paper with DocStar Document Management Software

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Clearwater Underwriters Inc, is a Florida-based excess and surplus (E&S) lines insurance wholesaler, which finds or develops insurance programs to serve hard-to-place risks, and makes coverage available through retail insurance agents who sell to the general public. With employees constantly needing to access documents, files were frequently unorganized, misplaced or missing. With the help of DocStar software, Clearwater’s challenges of misplaced files and struggles with mailing out paper policies soon became a thing of the past. Over 70 file cabinets worth of information was put into one database, reducing the time needed to find documents. “If an agent were to call up and ask a … Continue reading